Larry's Towing is #1 CAA preferred for Trenton and Belleville areas. Our professional staff and drivers will meet all of your vehicle recovery and CAA requested needs. Larry's Towing has the capability to suit a wide variety of your needs from the use of our flatbeds, wreckers, light duty vehicle (lockouts, tire changes, boosts, etc.) and underwater vehicle recovery. Please contact us with requests or for further information.


Larry's Towing flatbed tow trucks can be used for many services include towing AWD vehicles, lifted trucks, 4×4 vehicles and even your valuable historical cars and trucks. Flatbeds are an essential part of our fleet because of the various jobs that they can complete. In addition to towing of vehicles, contact Larry's Towing for any special towing needs.


Larry's Towing wreckers have the capability to take your car out of a ditch, and under the right circumstances the vehicle can be driven away. Our medium wrecker can tow anything from a small Sedan to a class C motorhome. Our wreckers can also tow motorcycles, ATVs, and trailers with ease. Let us know the size of the ball on your trailer and what is being towed.

Light Duty

Every truck in Larry's Towing fleet carries tools that can unlock your car, truck, van, and highway tractor, booster cables and packs to boost anything that has a battery. We also deliver gas to you wherever you are when your vehicle runs out of fuel. Larry's Towing can replace flat tires with ease and without the headache of how and where to jack your vehicle and change flat off and your spare on. We also tow your camping trailers, boats and RV.

Underwater Recovery

Under Water recoveries can be challenging, but we are able to locate your sunken boat, sea-doo, ski-doo, motorcycle, ATV and yes any other vehicle. Larry's Towing has the proper capabilities to locate your vehicle.

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